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This is not just an expo, it’s an entertainment experience!

Come and see, try and buy the latest, best-priced deals for home, work and play. Including games, TV’s, tablets and cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, home entertainment systems, appliances, apps, education and learning technologies.

Did you know that in South Africa…?

  • there are 29 million cell phones - more people have access to mobile phones than clean water.
  • there are more active SIM cards than citizens.
  • over 7.9 million people accessed the internet with their mobile phones in 2011.

arrowVisit CETX and learn how to get the best value from your mobile phone…Access the latest apps… Get the most from your cell phone battery…Access the internet cost effectively …AND MUCH MORE


Fun for the whole family – a great day out

At the Consumer Electronics and Technology Experience (CETX) choice is limitless, discount offers and access to product experts across the industry are a seldom see!

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In addition to trying out the latest gadgets, you will receive the best deals and have access to the E-Zone programme featuring over 40 hours of entertainment ranging from how-to workshops, demonstrations showcasing the latest tech, gizmos and gadgets, VIP guest speakers, competitions and giveaways!

CETX is not just an expo it’s an electronics entertainment experience!




Explore, discover, experience

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With so much to do, CETX is a great day out for the whole family and offers a shopping extravaganza not to be missed!







Make sure you participate in the following show attractions – there is something for everyone;

Experience and learning zones


The E-Zones programme features live entertainment, hourly workshops from demonstrations showcasing the latest technologies, VIP guest speakers, competitions, giveaway promotions to ‘how to seminars’.

Competitions and giveaways


Win awesome prizes over the 3 days at CETX. There will be a number of spot giveaways and draws throughout the event as well as planned competitions such as:

  • Oldest electronics item in Cape Town or Gauteng
  • Best dressed electronics (best pimped out electronics)
  • Gaming tournaments
  • Greenest gizmos and gadgets

And much more!



Download or purchase some of the most useful, innovative, interesting and just plain cool apps available!



When it comes to kicking back and relaxing, most of us don’t think about how technology can help us do this. The Zen-zone will give visitors access to some great tech and apps that can help them get to their moment of Zen!



Tech manufacturers are making it easier for eco-conscious consumers to welcome a greener lifestyle. The green zone features the hottest tech for home that can help you save big on electricity costs, one gadget at a time!



Height restricted for under 12’s only! The kids showcase for bright and creative young minds which will feature fun, hi-tech activities that young people love.



Visitors get to play the latest games, and test-drive video gaming products for consoles, PC's, mobile phones and handheld systems.



What will the kitchen of the future look like? As our use of the kitchen has changed, the technology that is used within it has had to adapt to meet our needs. Find out what exactly we can expect to see in terms of stoves, microwaves, fridges, and technology in the kitchen appliances of the future and how we can use this technology for entertaining, socialising, dining, working, laundry.


Best deals and prices


Get the best prices for the latest and greatest tech, gizmos and gadgets from games, TV’s, tablets and cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, home entertainment systems, appliances, apps, education and learning technologies.




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